Rollerman Guru treats all jobs just the same—small or big—we give them all our professional attention. If there is something that we cannot do we have the knowledge to direct you to the right person for the job.

Sliding balcony doors

All types of sliding balcony doors from simple, single sliding door to multiple-doors. Replace a hinged door for a space saving sliding door?

Concertina timber sliding doors

Designed for easy operation, concertina timber sliding doors need maintenance to keep them moving easily.

Curved architectural glass doors

Curved architectural glass doors are beautiful. We restored a magnificent set of curved doors to enable the owners to once again open them fully.

Sliding screen doors

Rollers, locks and mesh will refresh your sliding screen door. New screen door rollers and new mesh can make a door feel like new!

Sliding shower doors

Whether it is a single sliding door or a multiple we have the parts to add life to an aging shower door set. We can provide new guides and bumpers.

Sliding windows

Windows have the smallest of all rollers—we have a full range of small rollers to suit all types of windows in stock

Timber sliding doors

Whether it is an internal or external sliding timber door we will have just the right roller to repair it.


We restore glass or timber bi-fold doors to move like new. Bi-fold doors rely on upper rollers that need regular maintenance.

Cupboard sliding doors

Hair and fluff is the single cause of cupboard sliding rollers to fail. Give them a good clean or call us to clean and repair them.

Damaged tracks

You don’t need to replace your full door set when we can fit new stainless cappings to restore a smooth sliding action and get things working again.